Finance Industry

Financial data collected in finance industry are often of high quality, which facilitates systematic data analysis and data mining. Here we present two typical cases.

Credit Scoring We use advanced statistical tools to predict the probability that a customer applying for credit will be defaulter. We develop statistical models based on the application form parameters such as income-debt ratio, number of dependents, Other debts etc.

Our services include

  • Data Management
  • Developing Statistical Model
  • Model Validation
  • Generating scorecard of consumers

Customer Segmentation

We use customer segmentation for customer group identification and targeted marketing. Customers with similar behaviors regarding loan payment are grouped together by multidimensional clustering techniques..

Our Services include

  • Data Management
  • Customer group Formation (clustering)
  • Classification. (associating a new customer with an appropriate group)

Our experience

  • Predictive modeling in banking and insurance sectors
  • Market segmentation for insurers
  • Advanced analytics in HR processes
  • Stock market investment strategies using statistical methods