SEdR is a simple to use data analysis software designed to cater the needs of students, researchers and teachers of pure and applied statistics. SEdR is developed by Sankhya in collaboration with Compel Consultancy Pvt Ltd.

Students of statistics, biological sciences, economics, and social sciences will get opportunity to explore power of analytics and enhance their knowledge base using attractive graphical interface of SEdR.

Researchers can use various modules to draw inferences based on data collected in their research project. Various widely used statistical tests are available for researchers to use without any programming requirement.

Teachers may find this software extremely useful to include in their regular teaching.

Specially designed module for teachers, illustrates some of the theoretical concepts in a simple manner.

Following modules are available in SEdR 1.0

    Data Insights

  • Summary Statistics
  • Cross Tables

    Correlation / Regression

  • Correlation matrix
  • Linear Regression

    Parametric Tests

  • Z and t tests for means
  • F test for variance equlaity
  • Testing for proportions

    Non-Parametric Tests

  • Wicoxon test
  • Mann-Whitney test
  • Kruskal-Wallis ,Friedman tests

    Analysis of Variance

  • One Way and Two Way Anova
  • Latin Square Design

    Teaching Tools

  • Normal Approximation
  • Least Square Method
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Our experience

  • Predictive modeling in banking and insurance sectors
  • Market segmentation for insurers
  • Advanced analytics in HR processes
  • Stock market investment strategies using statistical methods