The Py-Factor

More than 3/4th of data science professionals use Python at work. Python – a free and open source programming language – has gained popularity due to its cross platform compatibility and intuitive syntax. However, Python can also be very hair bundles uk intimidating because of scattered information, limited topic-specific guidance and steep learning curve.
The Py Factor is a comprehensive ready-reckoner mobile application for new and experienced data scientists.
It is a learning tool designed to simplify the complex world of Python.
About The Py Factor:

  • Includes Descriptive, Visualisation, Predictive and Classification techniques
  • Uses Examples from Real World Analytics
  • Provides Datasets for Hands-on Trials
  • Advanced Search Facility to browse through the topics
  • News from The World of Python and Data Science
  • Py Analytics Labhuman hair extensions Giving an Edge