At Sankhya Analytical Research, we use advanced analytics to help our clients develop and deploy innovative solutions that enable them to make smarter decisions faster.

As business becomes increasingly competitive, we help businesses make better decisions through predictive analytics. We create flexible customized analytic solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

Our solutions have helped clients efficiently increase customer acquisition, mitigate risks, manage attrition, maximize ROI and increase customer retention. We combine our domain knowledge in Pharmaceutical, Human Resources, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Stock Market, Market Research and the Retail verticals with expertise in analytics and large scale data management & research to build innovative practical solutions that make strong business sense. Our robust analytics capabilities ensure that you can maximize the benefits from your data.

We also offer a wide array of training courses in statistics for statisticians and non-statisticians. The training sessions are offered at our facility or on-site, depending upon the client’s requirement.

We have developed or product SSRE which is a stock recommendation engine based on machine learning algorithm. Another web product GRACE is developed for monitoring performance of sales partners using scoring model. Our mobiles apps R factor and Py factor are used by 1000+ programmers as a ready reckoner.

Our Team includes domain experts, skilled analysts, data management experts and experienced trainers.