The last decade has seen a rapid growth in data driven decision making in all sectors of Industry. Corporations across several industry verticals have clearly recognised the value of statistical methods in driving business solutions and customer satisfaction.
Use of analytics is a key differentiator in providing value to every business process.


Analytics in sports is relatively new concept as compared to analytics in Banking, Insurance or Retail.


Competition has made it necessary for bankers to consider three crucial aspects of marketing...


FMCG companies have vast amount of primary and secondary data which can be used for generating business insights


Analytics is used in the Insurance sector to help in acquisition of new customers, identifying cross sell opportunities and predicting customer retention...

Stock Market

With more of our money flowing into the stock markets than ever, we desperately need a more sophisticated view of the stock market...


Analytics in the Retail industry transforms the vast amount of constantly changing data from different sources into actionable information...


Statistics is vital in all phases of drug development process...