Our experience

  • Predictive modeling in banking and insurance sectors
  • Market segmentation for insurers
  • Advanced analytics in HR processes
  • Stock market investment strategies using statistical methods

About Us

Sankhya is a data analytics firm started in 2003 with the vision of data driven decision making in business and research. The promoter team has cumulative experience of over 30 years in business analytics for BFSI, Human Resource (HR) and pharma sectors.

Our team has highly qualified statisticians and SAS/R programmers.

We also offer a wide array of training courses in statistics for statisticians and non-statisticians. The training sessions are offered at our facility or on-site, depending upon the client’s requirement.


SEdR is a simple to use data analysis software designed to cater the needs of students...

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The last decade has seen a rapid growth in data driven decision making in all sectors...

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Sankhya is committed to bridge the gap between demand and supply for skilled statisticians...

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