Human Resources

As HR processes are becoming more and more quantitative, use of analytics is vital to get actionable insights from this survey data. We can help our clients to develop organization level policies based on processes such as:
Employee Engagement Survey
HR departments often conduct surveys to tap the perceptions of employees on various aspects concerning the organization. Feedback gathered through this process is a valuable input for evaluating the effectiveness of various systems and processes in the organization and redesigning the same if necessary.

Our Services include

  • Questionnaire Designing.
  • Data Management: Data Entry, Data Editing and Data Coding.
  • Statistical Analysis which include Factor Scoring, Summarizing ‘Satisfaction Level’ across locations, grades and departments. Identification of factors having significant impact on ‘Satisfaction’ using statistical modeling techniques.
  • Report Writing and Presentation

360-Degree Feedback Survey

This HR process is designed to increase an individual’s awareness of strengths and weaknesses. The feedback about an employee is gathered from superiors, peers and subordinates.

Our Services include

  • Questionnaire Designing
  • Data Management: Data Entry, Data Editing and Data Coding
  • Statistical Analysis which include Factor Scoring, Summarizing factor scores for each employee, Gap analysis between the self-perception and the average rating of superior, peer and subordinates.
  • Report Writing and Presentation


H.R. Customer Satisfaction Survey
HR departments in large organizations may also conduct internal surveys to understand their effectiveness in serving their internal clients. We help in designing the survey, data management and analysis of results. Our insights help HR departments to be more responsive to other departments in the organization

Performance Appraisal and Compensation Review Feedback Survey.

Talent is key to success in any industry. We help large companies with talent management ensuring that management has the right data and insights to make decisions around talent retention